What does Swanstone Look Like in 2023?

Below are all of the currently available colors available from Swan for a Swanstone Surround. If you see a color below and it is out of stock don't worry! We can Special Order All Swan Shower Surrounds and almost all Shower Bases. Swanstone is a high quality  high-performance Solid Surface that looks great and lasts a lifetime. It is a Compression Molded acrylic and mineral blend that resembles real stone slab walls. Swanstone Tub and Shower Walls are 1/4 Inch thick and is not a laminate which means color runs throughout the material. If it has surface scratches they can be buffed out with an abrasive cleaner or tooth paste. If it has a deep gouge don't worry! You can sand it with a fine grit sand paper. Swanstone is sold in many sizes. If you can't find the right size we suggest buying the 1 size larger and cutting the panels using a fine tooth carbide bit blade. Transform your bathroom or kitchen in as little as 1 day with Swanstone Glue Up Wall Panels. They can go up over that dated tile in minutes, they are impervious to water and will not mold or mildew. 


Swanstone Carrera

Swanstone Ash Gray

Swanstone Color Swatch Sandstone Swan

Swanstone Color Swatch Limestone Swan 

Swanstone Color Swatch Clay Swan

Swanstone Color Swatch Limestone Swan
Swan solid surface colors