How To Achieve The Perfect Farmhouse Look For Your New Bathroom

How To Achieve The Perfect Farmhouse Look For Your New Bathroom

It All Comes Down To The Tub

If you’re a fan of the traditional farmhouse design aesthetic, then you’re certainly familiar with all of the features, furniture pieces, accents, and décor items that come along with it. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation and you want to achieve that farmhouse look, you should say goodbye to the modern tile, the skinny shower stalls, and the acrylic tubs. Instead, it’s time to embrace the perfect farmhouse look with the lovely clawfoot bathtub that you’ve always loved, and have always wanted.

In this article, we’re going to talk a bit about the clawfoot tub, and we’ll show you some examples to help you plan your next bathroom renovation project the right way. It’s time to achieve the farmhouse look that you’ve been dreaming of all along.

What Is A Clawfoot Tub?

Clawfoot Tub - BNG Bath

A clawfoot tub is essentially a classic bathtub that is raised off of the flour on a set of four legs. Typically, these legs are shaped into the design of a claw; hence the name, “clawfoot.” Since the late 19th century, clawfoot bathtubs have become the classic staple of bathroom fixtures for their luxuriousness, their classiness, and of course, their grandeur. And for good reason, they’ve remained a staple of the farmhouse and rustic aesthetic.

With that said, let’s take a look at a few options that you can consider for your bathroom renovation project.

Clawfoot Tubs For Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Let’s begin with one of our favorites: The Aqua Eden Cast Iron Double-Ended Clawfoot Tub Combo With Faucet & Supply Lines is a wonderful choice to choose form because it comes with everything you need to hook up your new tub and begin soaking elegantly in minutes! With a gorgeous faucet and fountain, along with your supply lines, this tub comes ready to install at an affordable price of more than $1,000 off! And don’t forget, it comes with a free gift.

From there, we can move into the Aqua Eden Clawfoot Tub. This elegant, classic, and timeless clawfoot tub is as simple as they come, but not without the added grandeur of walking into your relaxing bathroom space with a beautiful tub, steaming with hot water, filled to the brim.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ll introduce you to something with a bit more dimension, a bit more character, and a bit more sophistication. This beautiful Aqua Eden Clawfoot Tub comes in a variety of styles and color options. Featuring a bright interior tub and rum, with a dark black exterior, this beautiful tub stands tall and proud as a luxurious addition to any bathroom. Don’t forget to choose the finish of the elegant claw feet!

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If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, then it’s time to give yourself access to the beautiful and luxurious clawfoot tub that you’ve always dreamed of. Embrace that farmhouse look with a quality product from our store. Come and pay us a visit today.

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