How to Renovate Your Bathroom with Wooden Interior


Remodelling our houses is something many of us enjoy. Change can act like a breath of fresh air. Previously, very few options were available that could help redo your interior space. However, now there are many options. Just as you can look for composite decking vs wood for outside; for the indoor, you can literally find anything you want for your home.

Unlike other places in your house, renovating the bathroom is tricky. If you have kids, you can certainly relate to how calming it feels to have some time to yourself in the bathroom. Therefore, the place needs to mirror serenity and peace. Bathrooms are often less spacious, and require a lot of effort and planning to make them look bigger and modernised. Wood is an incredibly versatile material for giving your bathroom a a sense of clear calming space..

Here are some on-budget ideas that will help you redesign your bathroom and alter its look radically:

Floating Cabinets:

Getting vanity units installed in bathrooms has become quite a trend over the past few years. Having a cabinet gives you a lot of space to accommodate your stuff and is perfect for use. Having an end-to-end cabinet can make your bathroom look messy. However, floating cabinets are unique and give a chic look to the overall space.

Since we will be using wood, floating cabinets will last longer and will stay safe from being exposed to water all the time. If getting a new cabinet is out of budget, you can remodel the old one.

Counter Tops:

Unlike the traditional bathroom basins, we now have extended counters that usually have either one or two basins fitted in the middle. Countertops are a very eminent part of the bathrooms and can instantly transform the overall look of space.

Wooden countertops have been top-selling items. Wooden top coupled with white basins and other accessories add the right amount of modernization and simplicity to your bathroom’s interior. You will enjoy the seamless finishing for sure!

Wooden Panelling:

Wall art is an essential part of the bathroom’s interior these days. You can get wallpaper or PVC panelling for it. However, the classic touch that wooden paneling adds to your bathroom is unparalleled. You can get them into any shape you want. Also, you can use them as a partition if you have a huge washroom and wish to divide it into sections. Wooden panels often look best with white or grey tiles.

Mirror Frames:

Metal framed or frameless mirrors have been ruling the bathroom’s interior for so long that we almost forgot to give another material a try. If you want to see how the wood will go with the overall look of the space, consider adding a wooden framed mirror. If it is accentuating and completing the floors, walls and ceiling, you are good to go for a huge change and include wood in your bathroom area.

Wood can transform your bathroom and redesigning won’t cost you a fortune. Besides, you can add plants or other décor items to enhance the overall interior of the place.

Wood will bring your bathroom to life. It is contemporary yet classic! You will enjoy taking a shower and some alone time there. The surroundings will help in lifting up your mood. Bring the change you have been hoping to see for so long with amazing wooden designs for your bathrooms.