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How To Make A Bathroom Renovation Affordable?

Go With A Complete Shower Kit That Makes Things Simple


When it comes to your bathroom, you deserve to have a comfortable, relaxing, and inviting space to walk into each morning, every afternoon, and every night just before bed. Our bathrooms are the most important room in the house simply because they’re where we relax, where we refresh, and where we revitalize our bodies after a long day.

If it’s time for a bathroom refresh, remodel, or a full-scale renovation, then it’s important for you to ensure that your price tag comes in within your budget – or even better, under budget. Here at BNG Bath, we’ve got a wide range of bathroom renovation products available to help you capture that luxury, spa-like vibe at an affordable price.

Today, we’re going to talk a bit about Complete Shower Kits. These unique, versatile, and affordable kits help you reimagine your bathroom without the need for expensive tile and time-consuming renovations. Let’s take a look down below to introduce some of our products.

Complete Shower Kits

Swan Veritek 5 Piece Alcove Shower KitYour bathroom renovation doesn’t have to be difficult, time consuming, or expensive, and with this 3-piece Alcove Shower Kit by Swan Veritek, you can reap the benefits of easy installation, exceptional pricing, and a stunning, move-in-ready look. This 3-piece kit is easy to install and it even comes with a beautiful glass door to help keep the water in your shower area. Available in two colors, now is your chance to take advantage of amazing savings with nearly $700 off!

A2 Alcove Shower KitNext, let’s take a look at a complete shower kit perfect for those small-footprint bathrooms. This unique A2 Composite Shower Unit with a center drain is as durable as they come. Featuring a bright high-gloss finish, a smooth wall, a pre-leveled base for easy installation, and 6 individual built-in shelves to store all of your soaps, shampoos, and toiletries, this simple solution is a premiere bathroom product fit to make your bathroom renovation simple and affordable. Take advantage of special discount pricing and a caulk-less installation.

Dreamline Slimline Single Threshold Shower Base And Q-wall KitLast, but certainly not least, the DreamLine SlimLine Single Threshold Shower Base and Wall Kit is the epitome of shower luxury with a complete shower kit that offers all of the beautiful tiling and trim work of real tiling – all in a simple, easy to install paneled kit. This comprehensive kit features shower panels and a carefully crafted shower base made from durable acrylic and ABS materials for a durable, long-lasting solution. From there, you can lose yourself in the beautiful details in the wall panels, and the bright, high-gloss finish of the base.

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It’s time for you to revitalize your bathroom space with an affordable and durable shower renovation that doesn’t break the bank. Pay a visit to our website today t o shop our various complete shower kits, or choose from one of the three above!

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